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Hershey’s Chocolate

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Fun Facts


Tappy's Frozen Yogurt

Tappy's Non-Dairy Sorbet

Other Benefits You'll Love


– Contains live and active cultures
– All Nonfat and NSA flavors are low in sodium and cholesterol

– No fat, sodium, or cholesterol
– Contains real fruit juice
– Non-dairy

– All Tappy’s frozen yogurts are compliant with the National Yogurt Association Live & Active Culture program & proudly display the LAC Seal
– All Tappy’s products are OU-D Kosher Certified

Daily consumption of yogurt with Live and Active Cultures provides friendly bacteria for your digestive tract that can help support proper functioning. Tappy’s frozen yogurt is carefully crafted to contain high levels of live and active yogurt cultures.


Health Benefits


Weight Management

Diabetes Management

Gluten Free

Vegetarian & Non-Dairy

When you are maintaining or losing weight, it is helpful to have snacks or desserts that are lower in calories and fat content. Many of Tappy’s Frozen Yogurt flavors are only 100 calories or less per 1/2 cup (83g). Of course, you should always consult with your physician before starting a diet or exercise program.
Living with diabetes can prove challenging when trying to add treats to your eating program. Tappy’s No-Sugar-Added Frozen Yogurt flavors have less sugar and are nonfat and have only 80 calories per 4 ounce serving. It is important to understand these frozen yogurt products do contain some naturally occurring sugars from milk and also fruit purees in some of the flavors. Consult with your dietician to see if our yogurt would make a great snack or dessert for you.
Many of Tappy’s Yogurt flavors are gluten free. Some flavors that do have gluten are: Red Velvet Cake, Cake Batter, Angel Food Cake, and Cookies n’ Cream. Consult the individual nutrition information available for each flavor from the list of yogurt flavors for a comprehensive list of ingredients and possible allergens. Just click on the flavor.
Tappy’s sorbets are vegetarian and non-dairy! Kosher Certified Tappy’s Yogurt is proud to have its frozen yogurt Kosher certified by OU Kosher, the world’s most recognized and most trusted kosher symbol. 




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